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Media Ministry

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The Media Ministry supports all activities within the body of the church. The ministry team of the Information; Public and Multi-media provides assistance to all activities that bring the church body together in services, celebration, fellowship, and special events.

This ministry provides audio, tape, and video support for the Church during worship services and special activities. They ensure that tapes are available for worshipers and for the sick and shut-in. They tape and video all special services of the Church, including concerts, special days, drama presentations, etc.

  1. Worship Medley 3.0 (feat. Tatiana Myriam Nicoleau _ Andy Michel) 7:18
  2. Creche Miserab Haitian Artist For Christ 7:41
  3. Withholding Nothing William McDowell 4:39
  4. W'pa Poukont Ou Roosevelt Jean Noel 4:27
  5. I Want More Tye Tribbett 7:42
  6. Already Won (Lyric Video/Live) Tye Tribbett 3:31
  7. Li Konnen m la Tibob Pour Nazareth 7:14
  8. Tamela Mann Take Me To The King1 5:03
  9. Spirit Break Out (Live) Kim Walker-Smith 4:15
  10. Quelle Assurance (feat. Martine Nicolas) 4:08
  11. Ou SÈ (Bonus Track) (feat. Alyx Andre) 4:30
  12. Mwen Bezwen'w Roosevelt Jean Noel 4:59
  13. Mwen Adore W' Jezi James Smith Alcindor 6:29
  14. Medly Roosevelt Jean Noel 7:18
  15. Lift You up (feat. Amante Lacey) Jackson Chery 4:19
  16. Konbyen Mwen Dwe (feat. Alive _ Jimmy Benard) Jackson Chery 5:57
  17. Kitem Tande Vwa Ou Pi Plis Benson Delly 7:10
  18. I Won't Let Go Jet Black Stare 6:08
  19. He Knows My Name Israel & New Breed 4:12
  20. Fasone M' Jan W' Vle James Smith Alcindor 5:20
  21. Emmanuel (feat. Jimmy Benard _ Alive) Jackson Chery 6:32
  22. Holy Donnie McClurkin 6:20
  23. Awesome Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago 5:40
  24. Delly Benson Bondye ou fidel 5:07
  25. Adoration Medley (feat. Sam Traxx_ Paula Tallagrand_ Anne Garcon _ Liz Angervill 4:52

Information Ministry


Effectively and efficiently disseminate information throughout the church to help others become more efficient, thus making the whole Body grow together.


Ministry theme scripture during this time is taken from Ephesians 4:16 (NLT) which says,
“Under his direction, the whole body is fitted together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.”

Meeting Dates and Times

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We meet at 1:30 PM on the last Sunday of each month for about 60 minutes. Check with brother Delva or brother Eddy for meeting info.

We would like you to feel as comfortable as possible in doing whatever God leads you to do for His Kingdom. Often, people confuse skills with spiritual gifts. For example, a loan officer may be skilled in processing loans but lacks the spiritual gift of being patient, kind, and loving to each customer. They won’t survive or be effective for very long as a loan officer. So the key focus here is that it is the Holy Spirit that leads you into ministry work. Here is a list of our core teams and their functions:

IM Media – IMM provides photographic and documented coverage of sermons and other church events. Members are placed on rotating schedule to provide notes and photos for sermons from month to month.

IM Graphics – IMG supports various tasks for other ministries. Outputs data received from IM Media to newsletters, brochures, and posters.

IM IT – Provides technical support and training assistance for all website issues. IMIT is also responsible for maintenance and technical issues with host provider.

IM Facilitators – Mediates between IM and the other ministries to ascertain the needs and requirements of church projects and events and brings that data back to IM for dissemination to the appropriate team.

IM Social Media – Consists of a team who manage post, filter, and update HEBC Facebook and Twitter pages.

IM Recruiting – A shared responsibility among team leaders to recruit new members and promote the work done for the LORD by IM.

Ministry Scripture

Romans 10:17(NIV)

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.


Receive the word of God within the body of Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church (HEBC) to go forth and make disciples within HEBC and within the local and international communities.

Ministry Description

The purpose of this ministry is to enhance the overall worship service, conference and Special Events with Audio/Visual Technology and provide quality audio and video recordings.

Meeting Times

Our monthly meetings are held the last Sunday of every month. If you are interested in joining the Multi-Media Ministry, feel free to contact us.